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Home-Based Therapy

A unique aspect of practice is that I can travel to you for therapy services. I will meet you at your home, or another place of your choosing as long as the environment affords adequate safety, confidentiality and privacy

You decide where you would like to meet.  It might be in your living or family room, office, kitchen, or outside patio.   Many clients enjoy taking a walk or going to a nearby park.  Wherever you decide, the location should provide privacy and minimal disruption.

Advantages of In-Home / On-Site Counseling

CONVENIENCE!  I travel to you. We meet in the comfort and privacy of your own home, office, or private location of your choice.

Save time and hassle by eliminating travel.

Ideal if you have limited mobility, are a caregiver or have children in the home

Clients often feel more relaxed and at ease in their natural surroundings   

Sessions are scheduled to accommodate your schedule and lifestyle

Enjoy added privacy - great for professionals and their families who would prefer not to be seen in a therapist's waiting room