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Phone Counseling

Phone Counseling

Real transformation is possible using Phone Counseling. Some people prefer the anonymity of the phone, whereas others prefer the face-to-face contact. Whatever you prefer is right for you.

 Some advantages to Phone counseling

Privacy You can have a phone counseling session from the privacy of your home, office or car (not driving).

Ease It can require a lot of courage to begin counseling. It can be less scary to do so over the phone for many people.

Anonymity It can be easier to feel safe and open up to a therapist over the phone.

Flexibility Sessions can be more flexible regarding the time you schedule. Convenience and accessibility – You don’t have to drive to an office, saving time, gas and stress.

 Reasons to use  Phone Sessions

You have a very busy schedule and have difficulty making time for a face-to-face appointment.

You have privacy concerns and are uncomfortable that someone might see you at a therapist’s office.

You are disabled, and making the trip to a therapy office is limiting your ability to get counseling services.

You feel you would have a greater degree of privacy and safety by engaging with a therapist from the comfort of your own home or office.

You live in an area where there are few or no therapists available to address your particular concern.

You are concerned that talking about your issues face to face could be embarrassing or intimidating.


Most client's that choose to have a phone session will need to pay for their session ahead of time with a credit card unless another payment arangement has been made.  You can go to "make a payment" to pay for your session online prior to the session.  The payment must be made before the session is to occur.