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Relationship Therapy for Individuals

Are You Unhappy With Your Relationship Or Relationship Status?

Do you feel lonely, unable to form a lasting relationship or dissatisfied with your current relationship? Perhaps you are heartbroken after a recent break up or divorce. Maybe you feel anxious about dating and/or don’t know how to find and foster a relationship that meets your needs. You might find yourself avoiding social situations, afraid of being the only one alone.  Possibly you are tired of getting into yet another argument with your spouse and want solutions on how to better connect and communicate with your partner. Or, maybe you’ve not had much experience dating and might not have confidence in your ability to attract and connect with partner. Do you fear that you’ll be alone and/or unhappy in love for the rest of your life?

It might be that you are committed to working on your relationship, but your partner is unwilling to seek therapy with you at this time, or at all. Perhaps you’re often preoccupied with or distracted by fights with your partner and the ensuing emotional distress they cause. Or, maybe all your friends are getting married, and you feel left out and/or left behind. It may be that you keep attracting the same type of partner over and over again, perhaps not knowing what a healthy relationship even looks like. You might have a hard time showing affection or find yourself being overly critical of your partner or that your partner is overly critical of you. Perhaps you struggle to overcome hurt, anger or mistrust in your relationship. Or, maybe you have been rejected or are afraid of being rejected, which is keeping you from taking healthy relationship risks. Perhaps you have experienced a trauma that is causing you difficulties in your currently relationship and/or making it hard for you to start a new relationship. Do you wish you could have a relationship in which you feel loved, accepted and supported through both life’s struggles and pleasures?

Almost Everybody Experiences Relationship Problems

The search for a healthy, satisfying relationship is incredibly common, yet it can nevertheless be a frustrating and even heart-wrenching experience. Failed relationships often erode confidence, causing people to feel defeated and even depressed, anxious or cynical. Even one unhealthy relationship or the heartbreaking end of a partnership can lead to feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. In ongoing love relationships, it can be difficult to accept that conflict is a natural part of growth and development and that it’s normal for all intimate couples to go through rough patches. 

Relationship issues are one of the most common reasons people seek therapy. And, research has shown that relationship unhappiness is the primary cause of depression in both men and women. People often struggle to find a loving relationship that meets their emotional needs, especially in today’s hectic world. Many people end up self-sacrificing, putting their needs, goals and values aside for the sake of a relationship. Or, they may distance themselves from their partner to try to “protect” him or herself from feeling “hurt,” and/or prioritize needs outside of the relationship. Divorce and break ups are very common in our culture, with half of all marriages ending. People get their hearts broken every day, making it increasingly common to be single and back on the dating scene. Many people are also marrying later in life, often with the added challenges of kids, ex-partners and demanding careers. Similarly, it can be difficult to begin dating again if you’re also juggling your career and children.

It’s important to note, though, that there is hope for change, and, with commitment and effort, lasting love can be realized. There are new ways to love, heal pain and learn effective skills to form healthy attachments in your relationship and to create a secure bond with effective communication. A skilled and understanding relationship therapist can help you set healthy boundaries, resolve conflict and move forward with more confidence, compassion and clarity.

Relationship Therapy Can Provide You With Support, Skills And A New Path Forward

Relationship counseling can be a highly effective, healing, empowering and clarifying process. Through therapy, you can learn skills and techniques that can impact all of your relationships, including the very important one you have with yourself. As a marriage and family therapist, I am trained to look at all problems and solutions through a relationship lens. This means I see all people in the systems in which they live, work, and play. Therefore, whether I see you alone, with your partner, or family, I will take a relational perspective as part of my therapeutic approach in helping you.

I will help you create healthy boundaries, learn forgiveness and feel more grounded in who you are. Through the relationship therapy process, it is possible to identify and honor your values and voice, and figure out what it is that you truly want and need in life and relationships.

In the confidential, comfortable environment of relationship therapy sessions, I will work collaboratively with you. Together, we’ll identify and move through challenges while using your strengths and potential so you may lead a more meaningful and integrated life.  I offer a strength-based approach to help you access your resilience and find balance in your mind and body.

I believe that relationships are at the heart of every being, whether with spouses, significant others, parents or friends. When working with both couples and individuals, Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT) informs how I approach relationship counseling. Research shows that EFT is more successful than any other type of couples therapy.

EFT techniques are especially useful in identifying the underlying emotions that often guide our relationships. Humans are designed to turn toward each other in times of distress, but when a negative cycle emerges in a relationship, one partner may not be available to tend to the needs of the other. EFT focuses or identifying unhealthy communication cycles, improving communication cycles through helping identity what is driving our primary emotions and learning how to share these emotions in an open way, that will likely diminish conflict or partner distancing. EFT aims to help individuals/couples/families figure out how to improve their communication cycle through the acknowledgement and communication of honest emotions.

I have been helping people resolve relationship problems since 2001, and through years of experience I know that therapy can benefit almost everyone. Regardless of your specific relationship issues, I will offer ongoing support and guidance as we identify, explore and address your relationship problems, as well as offer a professional perspective and insight into where things may be going wrong for you. With support, guidance, third-party insight and a willingness to self-explore, therapy can help you feel more confident, open and empowered in your relationship with yourself and others. It truly is possible to overcome relationship problems and find the connection, love and support you truly desire.  

You still may have questions and concerns about relationship counseling…

I’ve heard that therapy can be expensive.

Connecting with others is at the heart of who we are as humans. And, while therapy may seem expensive, it can be helpful to think of the time and money you spend in therapy as an investment in learning how to foster healthy and meaningful connections with others. Through relationship counseling, you have an opportunity to develop life and communication skills and increase the self-awareness and self-confidence needed to succeed in relationships. Therapy does not have to be forever. Therapy can be brief and short term. People often find positive results and necessary changes in 6-12 sessions.  Often, clients will report positive changes after just one session.

I’m not sure how therapy can help my relationship.

It’s normal to have doubts about how therapy can improve your relationships. This can be especially true if you have suffered through a long string of unhealthy relationships or are having difficulty in your current relationship. Failed or failing relationships can often lead to a heightened sense of self-protection and/or pessimism. That said, therapy can be a safe place to shift your thinking and heal painful emotions, develop patience and create resiliency and confidence. It’s important to realize that you are not your past. With effort and conviction, it is possible to create new ways of living.

I’m single. How can therapy help me find a partner?

While relationship therapy isn’t necessarily about finding a partner, therapy can help you become more confident and excited about who you are. An experienced therapist can help you build the confidence needed to reach out to other people, open your heart and be more vulnerable with others. Through relationship counseling, you can gain a better understanding of what your needs are, what you truly want in a partner and how to bring your best self forward in the dating process.

You Can Feel Confident And Secure In Your Relationships

If you’re ready to begin taking steps toward improving your relationship with yourself and others, I can help. Call 972-489-2658 today for a free 15-minute phone consultation. I can answer any questions you have, and set up an initial meeting where you’ll be able to relax in a comfortable environment, and better understand the benefits of working with a relationship therapist.

If you need individual therapy, but it’s not relationship specific, please visit my Individual Therapy page or Young Adult  page. If you and your partner want to work on your relationship together, that’s great news and I would love to work with you both. Please visit my Couples Counseling page to get a better understanding of the Couples Therapy process.