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Young Adult Therapy

Young Adults

The path of emerging adulthood typically begins in the late teens and leads us through the twenties or early thirties.

The transition in young adulthood is truly one of the most unique and challenging times of you life.  Being a young a young adult can be stressful.  There are often so many decisions to make along with greater responsibilities.   A tight job market, changing relations, and life decisions can be overwhelming.

If you are like many young adults you are seeking out therapy because you are struggling with some sort of transition.

Are you?

  • Transition to college?
  • Transitioning out of college
  • Starting graduate school?
  • Starting a new job?
  • Trying to figure out what you want to do with the rest of you life?
  • Getting married?
  • Breaking-up
  • Moving away from parents/home?
  • Moving back in with parents/home?
  • Learning how to relate to parents as a young adult?


Are Doubt And Indecision Holding You Back?

Are you living away from your family and/or alone for the first time? Are you struggling to cope with the responsibilities of dealing with a landlord, managing a schedule and/or paying bills on time? It may be that you anticipated the fun and freedom of living away from your parents, but now feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities that go along with having your own space. Perhaps you believe that you should already have your life figured out, be in a great relationship and working on your career, but instead feel lost, lonely and confused. Maybe you struggle with social anxiety and find it difficult to make or maintain friendships. Do you feel that your life should look a certain way and feel disappointed or anxious when your expectations don’t match up with reality? It may be that you are unsure how best to manage time, complete assignments and/or meet deadlines. You may have difficulty balancing work and free time, and find that you’re either constantly behind schedule or missing out on fun activities. It may be that you are reluctant to share your concerns with others for fear of judgment. Or, if you do share your problems, instead of clarity, you may receive an overwhelming array of advice, most of which isn’t relevant and doesn’t help in your decision-making. Are you drinking excessively or have you turned to drugs to help cope with stress, anxiety or depression? Whether you’re starting college, transitioning into the workforce or just don’t what you should be doing, do you need support to help navigate this confusing time?

Transitioning into a young adult can be a lonely and frustrating experience. Perhaps you want to express a new side of your identity or sexuality, but are afraid of being judged. You may feel pressure to succeed from parents, peers or yourself. Perhaps you don’t know which major to pick or are considering changing your major. Maybe you’re thinking about starting college or going to graduate school, but constantly feel confused and unsure about the right decisions. Perhaps you’re trying to decide what you’re going to do for the rest of your life. Your friends may be in long-term relationships and on seemingly great career tracks, while you are struggling to figure out what’s going to make you happy. Do you wish you could feel self-assured and confident in your decision-making abilities, as well as happy and secure in current and future relationships?

Growing Up Is Hard And It’s Normal To Struggle Young adulthood can be an incredibly challenging and confusing time. It’s normal to have doubts and struggles while navigating career prospects, changing relationships and life away from home. And, disappointments are inevitable. This is the time when many people set out on a path they have been dreaming of their whole lives, only to discover that law or medical school is not what they want. Unfortunately, there’s no crystal ball, making it incredibly difficult to know when to stick with something and when to walk away. It’s often tricky to “follow your dreams” while also making rent, paying bills and/or dealing with pressure from parents, professors and peers. There are so many different paths and opportunities that trying to choose just one can be overwhelming. Everywhere you look there is another option, making it easy to doubt decisions and second-guess yourself. And, many people have difficulty forming and maintaining relationships during this time. It’s normal to fear rejection or intimacy and worry that you won’t meet the right partner and will end up alone.

Life for today’s young adults is vastly different from when their parents were growing up. Many jobs and industries simply didn’t exist then, and choices were far more limited. While your parents or grandparents may have worked the same job for 30 years, it’s now common to begin on one career path and switch direction later on. In fact, doing so can be an advantage, giving you a wide variety of transferable skills. The good news is that while life can seem overwhelming, more and more young people are seeking support early in their adult lives and learning how to relieve stress, overcome challenges and ward off future difficulties. A skilled, experienced young adult therapist can help you learn to trust your intuition, gain confidence in decision-making abilities and develop the skills needed to navigate relationships confidently. With help and support, you can let go of doubt and fear, embark on a fulfilling career trajectory and foster meaningful, lasting relationship.

Young Adult Therapy Can Provide You With Support, Skills And A New Path Forward

Everybody will struggle at some point in life. And, when you are struggling, it’s important to seek help and support. In confidential and compassionate therapy sessions, I will honor your experience and create a therapy plan that best meets your needs. Together, we will find creative solutions to help you overcome challenges and move forward while enjoying your life.

In the comfortable, safe space of young adult counseling sessions, I will help you identify your strengths and improve your coping resources so you can better manage stress, fatigue, disappointment, anxiety and/or depression. I can provide you with mindfulness techniques that can help to reframe your perception of a challenge or transition. We can also use breathing techniques, muscle relaxation and guided imagery to help you visualize the life you want and implement strategies to achieve your goals. You can learn to recognize the onset of stress, panic and/or doubt and to respond compassionately and confidently, without self-criticism. I can also provide you with self-care techniques and help you implement a plan so that you feel more organized, relaxed and confident. And, using cognitive behavioral techniques and problem-solving strategies, you can learn to manage your schedule and effectively cope with stress even on the most challenging days. We can also talk through and process ineffective or distressing relationship patterns and identify where things may be going wrong for you. I can help you reestablish relationships or form new ones, communicate effectively, increase self-esteem and overcome fears. And, most importantly, I provide a safe, compassionate and empathetic space where you can openly explore your frustrations and desires without fear of judgment.

I use a solution-focused approach to help you identify your strengths and to notice what is going well in your life. Often when we are highly stressed, we tend to not take notice of things that are going well and that we are doing right. But, noticing what’s working well can actually help us overcome challenges. Often, young adults are flooded with advice from others, which can at times make it difficult for them to listen to their own hearts and minds. I will help you learn to trust your intuition and move past roadblocks more easily.

I am also trained in clinical hypnosis and biofeedback techniques, which I incorporate when appropriate, and I have extensive experience working with young adults seeking help and support for a wide variety of challenges. We’ll work collaboratively to help you identify and take actionable steps toward what you want in life, achieving your goals and dreams and living in alignment with your innate values. 

Transitioning into adulthood can be overwhelming and often very challenging. However, you don’t have to navigate this path alone. Help is available and, with the right support, it is possible to gain important life skills and figure out what you want out of your life. I’ll be your ally and help you overcome challenges as you learn to tap into your innate strength and build resiliency. Through feeling empowered and hopeful, you can begin to take control of your life, make effective decisions, move past roadblocks and live a healthier, happy life.

You may still have concerns or questions about counseling for young adult

Shouldn’t I be able to handle these normal life challenges on my own?

We all face many challenges in our lives and reaching out for help when struggling is a sign of strength, not weakness. You don’t have to go through difficult times on your own. In fact, by working with a young adult therapist, you can learn more about yourself and what you want in life, what your strengths are and how best to overcome the obstacles you face now and in the future

If my parents pay for young adult counseling, are sessions still confidential?

Yes. I will never share information with your parents without your written permission. However, if you decide that you would like your parents to be included in the therapy process, we can welcome them into some sessions. I have had great success working with parents and young adults together, helping renegotiate relationships, change ineffective behavior patterns and resolve conflict.  

Isn’t therapy just for people with serious mental health issues?

You don’t have to be struggling with a mental health issue—although I can help with specific, serious challenges—to benefit from therapy. Many people need additional support to help navigate transitions and overcome normal, everyday obstacles. By working with a skilled, experienced young adult therapist, you can feel more balanced, confident and ready to take on the world.

Learn To Trust Your Decisions

If you’re ready to begin feeling more confident, productive and decisive, I can help. Call 972-489-2658 today for a free 15-minute phone consultation. I can answer any questions you may have about working with a young adult therapist.